right here we go-you are most likely flicking through the tv channels wondering when the next match is on but sadly,the 2014 World Cup is over and we have weeks to wait for league football to begin again.

so here we are,hungover from all the fun and wondering where to go from here so…. let’s look back on what is possibly one of the best World Cups ever(yes it is one of the best,stfu dont argue with me etc etc)

this post is dedicated to Angie ;)

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it’s always a pleasure to watch England lose

Spain had it all wrong from the start-

still think Llorente or Villa should have been called up as spares rather than Torres

why was Martinez on the bench and not playing?

Pique/Ramos does not work-missing a player like Puyol who is reliable and calm in most situation unlike those two hot heads

and why the fuck was Xabi taken off so early?

and Tika taka style of play is dead,everyone knows now how it works and how it can be stopped. Spain need to change it up very quickly if they want to continue.

this match was a disaster for Spain and great tactical wise from Netherlands but the blame should not be left at the door of Iker alone.

The fact that youre still talking about a year four years ago makes me giggle. Get over it. Live in the present. Your win four years isnt going to help you.

it ain’t ‘my’ win as i ain’t a Spain fan

also yes i am talking about 4 years ago as you lot seem to forget the dirty tactics you tried to pull then when a team does the same to you(re:Costa)

wow Iker haters are out in force again,god forbid he makes a mistake.

seeing as im a Germany fan,i would rather Spain not win this World Cup but my hatred for the Netherlands,RVP and Robben is stronger than Spain winning another World Cup.

i think people should remember how the Dutch played in 2010,everyone seems to forget their dirty tactics

Iker has struggled to get back into the team he has supported since he was young and its only competitions like Champions League he’s been allowed to play in this season.

he has also been there since they last won it in 2002 and has seen first hand the obssesion of getting La Decima has had on Real Madrid

of course this was gonna be a big deal to him,not only to get La Decima but to try and show his worth in the few games he was allowed to play.

So to him yes it means more than winning a world cup with players he only gets together with few times a year to get a trophy every 4 years,whereas this has been plaguing him for nearly every day of the year for most of his career.

and if you actually read what he said he didn’t say winning the Champions League was bigger than the World Cup,he said LA DECIMA was bigger than winning to the World Cup and he has every right to.